Jun 22, 2010

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The Meditative Mind

The Meditative Mind

Nearly twenty years ago, I learned to meditate with the help of two amazing books: Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn and A Path With Heart, by Jack Kornfield. These books opened a whole new world to me, and they both remain wonderful resources when I need inspiration or reminders.

My meditative practice has ebbed and flowed in the years since then– there are times when I notice that I haven’t meditated in a while and can tell that sitting back down to meditate will help center, calm, and ground me. There are other stretches when I don’t miss a day. However, the growing body of research on the benefits of meditation reminds me that meditation does so much more than it appears on the surface. Not only does it help one to calm and center, it has been found to have profound effects on the brain. Even in small doses, meditation can actually restructure the brain in ways that help maintain attention, manage emotions, and reduce stress. This fascinating article from Yoga Journal discusses the latest findings on the lasting benefits of meditation. At the end of the article, it offers multiple options for meditative practice.

The article offers remarkable evidence of the power of meditation, even small bits of it. And it is a reminder that the time we take to slow down and center is anything but wasted.

  1. How can we expect our children to learn to sit still and be focused if we do not do so ourselves? Great post! Would love to hear more about your experiences.

  2. Liz- I couldn’t agree more! As our culture moves faster and faster, slowing down, and teaching our children how to do so, seems even more essential. Thank you for your comment! -Alexandra

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