Sep 9, 2010

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YOU: Your Child’s Most Important Role Model

YOU: Your Child’s Most Important Role Model

Recently I was asked to share my thoughts with some of the young moms who have formed a support group in my hometown. Well, truth be told, I am quite comfortable speaking to and facilitating workshops for teen and pre-teen girls and their moms; this, however, was quite a different story. Were there any “words of wisdom” that I could share with these women whose offspring (ages five and younger) were romping around the large and inviting open space of the meeting place?

(Oh, my, I just read that last sentence and want to assure you that it was the children who were romping around the space. Not the moms.)

Last Thursday morning, as I drove to the meeting, I allowed my mind to review the work I’ve been doing these past few years in sharing the wisdom of Taoist acceptance. I realized that the principles of the Tao transcend age and gender and would – I believe – bring a measure of reassurance to these women as they strive to give their children the gift of a life filled with self-confidence and joy.

If you have read my words in the past, you know that the Tao teaches us that life is filled with challenges and transitions; we must accept these changes into our lives rather than ignoring or avoiding them. Only then can we take positive steps to find solutions that will make us stronger as we go through life.

Tao principles also help us learn to accept our strengths and forgive ourselves for our weaknesses – allowing us to live our lives as the best individuals we can be – filled with confidence and self-esteem.

And The Tao talks about role models; the people who help lead us down the right paths. These “leaders” do not do so by going behind and pushing us. Rather they walk ahead and point the way the way. As parents, I believe this is our most important job.
By the time I sat down and began speaking with the young moms I knew exactly what message to share with them: be a positive role model for your child – for it is never too early to begin helping them navigate their paths to self-esteem and confidence. Live the life of acceptance that you would like them to have, guide them gently down the road, and they will follow comfortably in your footsteps. And together you will continue to grow in strength and joy.

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