Nov 8, 2010

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Because of You

Because of You

I came across this beautiful little book for children with a big message for both children and adults, and I wanted to pass it along. It’s called Because of You, and in simple, inspiring language it describes how the world is a different place because of each of us. It reminds us of the little- and big- ways we make a difference in the world, and that we have the power to make the world more loving, peaceful, and kind.

I have found it a powerful reminder when I read the book to my daughter at night. Each of us makes a real difference in the world- each day- with the actions we take. In our own world, with our families, friends, and even strangers, we can make the world a better place. When we’re feeling small and powerless, like the world is just too big and overwhelming for us to do anything about, it is helpful to be reminded that this is just not so. The world is different because of each of us, and we can help make it a more beautiful place in even the (seemingly) simplest of ways.

What a wonderful lesson for our children. And ourselves.

  1. You sound like a true yogi. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Emily! I’m working on it…

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