Nov 22, 2010

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An Awesome Book of Thanks

An Awesome Book of Thanks

With Thanksgiving coming later this week, you may be thinking about how to teach your children about the importance of giving thanks. (It’s not all about turkey and stuffing, after all.) A new book by Dallas Clayton can help do just that.

An Awesome Book of Thanks talks about all the things there are to be grateful for– from the sincere (“thank you for the earth and air, thank you for the food to share”), to the playful (“wizards and lizards and delightful decisions”), to the all-encompassing (“thank you to all that has ever existed and everything else I could never have listed”) and reminds readers of the importance of saying thank you. It’s both a nice reminder of all the amazing things in our world that we have to be grateful for and also a good starting point for discussions about what you and your children are thankful for.

It’s a nice reminder at this time of year– and always.

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