Feb 24, 2011

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My Favorite Yoga Mat EVER!!!

My Favorite Yoga Mat EVER!!!

If you’ve ever done yoga, you know that it can transport you to a more peaceful place. But, until now, I didn’t realize that a yoga mat could help you do the same. Just when it seems that winter will never end, when I’m dreaming of a quiet vacation by the ocean, comes a yoga mat that transports me to a sandy beach with the surf touching my toes as I practice. Impossible, you say? Check out this yoga mat from yogamatic.com (it’s the one called “Dip”). It’s got an amazing photo of waves and sand, and it seems so real, that as soon as I stepped on it to begin my practice, I could feel my stress fading away.

Yogamatics has tons of cool yoga mat options– you can order one with the Dalai Lama on it, or images of chakras, or a surfboard, or a koi pond, or an orchid… OR you can upload your own image of your kids, your dogs, your favorite sunset, and they’ll customize a yoga mat with your very own picture!

I think this is such a fab idea, and it’s really put a spring in my step as I finish my yoga practice and walk off my beachy mat to start the rest of my day.

I’ve been transported in more ways than one.

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