Jul 20, 2011

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I Want What He Has!!

I Want What He Has!!

My kids were eating waffles this morning when my daughter decided that she wanted her baby brother’s waffle, instead of her own. Their waffles were exactly the same, but she had decided his was better, and she wanted it.

I had to talk her out of taking his waffle, as she had a similarly good one right in front of her. At first it annoyed me, as I was rushing around trying to get her lunch ready for camp and get everything ready for the day to begin, and the last thing I wanted to do was explain how the two waffles were exactly the same, so she shouldn’t steal her brother’s.

But then I thought about it and realized that we, adults, do something similar all the time. We can compare our lives to others’ and decide that we want what they have, even if we have a perfectly good thing (car, house, job, vacation, hair cut…) of our own. We can forget all about the wonderful parts of our own situation, and why we chose it in the first place. We can get blinders on that prevent us to see the great thing right in front of us.

Once I saw it this way, I had a lot more compassion for my daughter’s situation. I lost the annoyance that I was feeling. And I used the reminder to appreciate my own situation. Sometimes we look around and decide that someone around us has it better than we do. Chances are, if we were fully appreciating the situation in front of us, we wouldn’t feel this way at all. It’s a good opportunity to ask– what could I be appreciating more about what’s right in front of me?


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