Jul 26, 2011

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What Happened When I Cleaned My Closet

What Happened When I Cleaned My Closet

I really appreciate and admire organization, but I have to admit that my house isn’t the most organized. With two little kids and their endless array of things, if by the end of the day I can get their stuff straightened, I feel accomplished. But after that, I’m lucky if I don’t just collapse and just read a little bit before falling asleep, so my own things often tend to be less straightened than I’d like. My plans for organization tend to revolve around hopes that an organization fairy will visit late one night, leaving my things beautifully arranged and folded, with no effort required on my part. So far, I’ve seen no signs of such a fairy, but I hold out hope.

But this past weekend, I summoned the energy to start on the project of cleaning my closet. And the result surprised me in many ways. Here are some of the things I learned:

-Once you start cleaning and organizing, a momentum starts to build that makes you really want to finish. And the high you experience as you start shedding things is really remarkable. It can leave you buzzing for days.

-Though it’s hard to part with things at first, as you start to feel the lightness of less stuff, it makes you start to lean toward shedding, rather than keeping, all but the things you love the most.

-You start to see patterns emerge from the stuff you get rid of vs. the stuff you keep. I learned, for instance, that, though olive was an “in” color last fall, it’s pretty much never right for me. Most of my closet (and most of the things I decided to keep) are black and white or some other neutral. Weird colors, except for special pieces that I really loved from the start, usually ended up getting tossed into the Goodwill pile. I think this will affect the things I purchase in the future too. Now that I know how much better it feels to have a closet full of things I love, it’ll make me think twice before I pick up a trendy piece that I’m not so sure about.

-I tried on everything that I wasn’t sure about, and getting rid of things that don’t fit because they’re too big is especially exciting. Narrowing clothes down to just the things that look best on you leaves you much more excited to enter your closet (and less like you’re entering a mine field full of harrowing decisions every time you need to find something to wear).

-There’s a mental lightness that comes with shedding stuff and organizing what you have. I swear my mind feels slightly more clear knowing that my closet is cleaned and organized. It’s like the physical clutter was contributing to a mental clutter that I’ve now dispensed with.

-There’s an energetic component to cleaning and clearing stuff as well. Getting rid of things that you’re no longer using, giving them to people who can use them, and organizing what is left unblocks the stuck energy that a bunch of disorganized stuff can leave. And allows things to flow out, leaving room for anything you might need or want to flow in.

-Cleaning one small area brings with it momentum that makes you want to keep clearing things out.

Who knows? At this rate, maybe I’ll become more organized after all. Because getting organized is harder than staying organized once you’re there. Because being organized feels so good, it makes you want to do the little things each day that it takes to stay there. I’m not going to claim victory over clutter just yet, but I’ve tackled one big project in my organization mission, and it feels surprisingly good.

Maybe I don’t need to dream of a visit from the organization fairy, after all…

  1. Possessions possess.

    “Become the cleaning fairy within you.” :- )

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