Aug 29, 2011

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The Coming of Fall and New Beginnings

The Coming of Fall and New Beginnings

I used to hate fall. For most of my life, I lived in New England with its harsh winters, which felt nearly overwhelming to me (and somehow seemed longer every year); and so, to me, fall was a reminder that winter was just around the corner.

Then I had kids (both of whom were born in September). Now I love fall. It means new beginnings (both with a new birthday for my kids, and also a new school year).

Fall now means that the beautiful season of summer has passed– with its long days and extra time with children who normally are in school. It means new clothes and school supplies. It is full of hope and promise and new beginnings. New teachers, new schedules, new activities.

After the relatively unscheduled time of summer, fall is a time to rethink where your children are at and what makes sense as we plan for a new year. Have their interests or abilities changed? Would they be interested in joining a new activity? Did last year feel too overscheduled and demanding? Would it make sense to cut back a little this year? How can we support our children’s interests and growth? How can we best support them in order to make this a wonderful year? Having been through enough years to know that the time speeds by, how can we mindfully enter this year in order to make the most of our time with our children and help them as they grow more into themselves?

What worked for our family last year, and what didn’t? What makes the most sense this year for our children and, in similar measure, for ourselves? Family life requires constant checking in and recalibration to where we are, where our children are, and fall is a perfect time to check back in.

It’s an exciting time that looks and feels like a blank slate. Soon we’ll look back and find the year has passed, with so many wonderful memories, so much growth, and so many opportunities for learning (for our children and ourselves). For now, though, anything is possible.

What do you want for this year?

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