Sep 12, 2011

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Inspiration Celebration

Inspiration Celebration

I have been thinking about inspiration lately. It’s part of why I started Conscious Moms, in fact– to provide inspiration on the journey of parenting. I love the feeling of inspiration, and I love to find it wherever I can.

It has always amazed me what a dose of inspiration can do for a day. It can add a jolt of energy to your daily routine– give you new ideas, put a new spring in your step, take you in a different direction, move you along the path you’re already on a little more quickly, add a bit of color to your day.

I love to take inspiration wherever I can find it, and I am fascinated by where others get their inspiration. Here are some of the things that inspire me:

-inspirational quotations (for this reason, I like to add a quote on Conscious Moms’ facebook page several times a week). Feel free to send any cool quotes you find to me at!

-fashion and style magazines and blogs

-books (both fiction and non-fiction)

-organization (I’ve found, in fact, that, though I dislike the process of making a bed, the outcome gives me a little jolt of accomplishment… this is a great, quick way to add a little jolt of inspiration to your day)

-putting my children’s and my clothes together for the day

-beautiful, handwritten cards and stationary

-lunch with a friend

-beautiful photography

-a walk outdoors with my kids

-music (one of my favorite tricks when I’m looking for inspiration or to add a fun atmosphere is to put on Pandora to one of the stations I’ve created– if you’re with kids Toddler Radio is a fun one– you can access it on your computer or smartphone and have music with you wherever you go!)

How about you? What inspires you?


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