Sep 15, 2011

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That Old Yoga High

That Old Yoga High

I haven’t done yoga in a while. Though I’ve been an (on-and-off) devotee of the practice since I began in my college dorm room with a Kathy Smith yoga video about fifteen years ago, lately I’ve been favoring the gym instead (as I work on getting back into shape post-baby).

But tonight I was feeling kind of stressed and I felt like yoga might help me shed some of the tension that I could feel in my body.

Did it, you ask? It did, and in record time. While doing my first sun salutation, I felt the stress start to melt away (and I even shook a new idea loose). I only did four more sun salutations– the whole exercise took less than ten minutes– and now I feel very different. Like my calm, yogic self– rather than the stressed, Type A self I was ten minutes ago.

What a great reminder of the amazing (and amazingly fast-working) power of yoga. I’m pretty sure it won’t be so long now before I’m back on the yoga train.

  1. Such a great reminder of how quickly we can move back into the flow of breath and movement, reducing stress in a matter of minutes. I think the longer we practice the more quickly we can return to “relaxed and present”. Thanks for this.

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