Oct 17, 2011

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The Invention that Saved My Life

The Invention that Saved My Life

Though I, too, am mourning the passing of Steve Jobs, this article isn’t about the iPad or iPhone (both of which I think are rad, and both of which changed my life for the better). Instead, I’m talking about a clock that literally bought me at least thirty minutes of extra sleep a night (which most moms would probably agree is absolutely priceless).

You see, my daughter got my husband’s extremely early-rising genes. So she tends to wake naturally in the 5 o’clock zone. For my night-owler self, this is absolute torture. After trying any number of other things, I finally found my salvation: The Tot Clock. The clock has a simple premise– it turns from blue to yellow when the child is “allowed” to get up. There are an infinite number of other things the clock can do (including act as a time-out or reward timer, read the child a story or play music before bedtime or upon wake-up…), but the essential piece for me is that it taught my daughter to stay in bed later.

No more, “Mommy, is it time to get up yet?” at crazy, black-as-night hours. Now, the clock tells my daughter (who doesn’t yet read a regular clock) if it’s time to get up yet.

It took a few nights of having to walk her back into bed and explaining, “Your clock isn’t yellow yet” before it stuck. But it did stick, and having that extra little bit of sleep is helping both me and my daughter immeasurably. Whoever invented The Tot Clock has my vote for the Nobel Prize, or the MacArthur Genius Award (or both). Thank you, Sir or Ma’am– you saved my life!!!

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