Jan 10, 2012

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The iPhone in the Toilet

The iPhone in the Toilet

Let me just start by saying I loooooooove my iPhone. It facilitates so many parts of my life– it’s my everyday camera that lets me chronicle my family’s lives, I listen to music on it throughout the day, I check email, update my websites, obviously make calls on it, etc., etc. Do I love it too much? Depend on it too much?

The answer came the other night at about 11.30 pm. I was headed to bed and made a quick “pit-stop” in the bathroom before I went. With me, I brought a book, my iPhone, and a bottle for my son in case he woke up hungry in the night. In hindsight, I was being lazy to bring this all into the bathroom. I was only going to be there a few seconds, but I thought I’d save a few seconds by not leaving it all on the sink. Plus I thought I might check a few things while in there. (Okay, I’m admitting this sheepishly.)

Well, I learned my lesson when, while putting this all down on top of the toilet, my phone fell in!!!!! I cried out, dug it out as soon as possible (but not before it was submerged), and then I frantically tried to get it to work. It sputtered out a few moments and then went black.

I had a bit of trouble sleeping at that point, and worried most about the pictures of my kids that might be lost. I hoped for the best (still imagining it could somehow come back to life), and planned for a few hours at the Apple store the next day.

I woke up in the morning to find that the phone was still not working. I brought it with me as I headed out for the day to take to the Apple store later that afternoon. I imagined hours at the store, having to set up a new phone, and potentially losing lots of valuable information. My heart sank. Miraculously, a few hours later, however, it mysteriously started working again.

But not before teaching me a lesson. Though I like to be thoughtful about my screen time, this showed me just how nuts I’d become over the phone. It felt like the Universe was saying to me, “Listen up, chica. There’s no reason that you have to multitask while urinating. Got it?”

Ummm, yes, I got it. Note to self: one thing at a time. Or the results could be embarrassing (at best).

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